Monday, April 5, 2010

For the bride who is thinking about NOT getting video

Remember last summer there was that youtube sensation “JK Wedding Entrance Dance? “ It was that cool dance routine that the bridal party performed as they made their entrance. Here are some pictures from it to help you remember.

JK Entrance 01

JK Entrance 02

JK Entrance 03

JK Entrance 04

Know what’s missing? The music. The reactions of the guests watching. And how about the choreography that everyone spent so much time practicing.

Now watch the video.

Ok, so the quality of the video is questionable but the content is awesome. This is not an argument against photography. I think photography is important and should be apart of every wedding. But I think video should be given the same consideration.

A good photograph captures a moment forever. Video allows you to really experience that moment. Hear the emotion in the voice as vows are being spoken. See how beautifully the bride’s dress flows as she walks down the isle. You get the idea.

So as you plan your wedding, give some thought to how you want to remember it.

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tekstox05 said...

One sad, but true, event from my own wedding: shortly after we got married, both my husband's sister and my mother passed away, both somewhat unexpectedly. While it was great to have pictures of them at the wedding, many were group shots. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have a video of our loved ones, happy and celebrating with us, today. We actually had our wedding video edited to include footage of both of them with photos as Christmas gifts for our families, and we were SO happy we had chosen to hire a videographer! Hearing my mom's voice, and seeing her smile, is truly priceless. Video did capture many things our photographer just couldn't.

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